Saturday, January 9, 2010

BUDDISH GIRL IS WISHING A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! The first 2010 DAILY DISH........Colorful Bra Controversy Floods Facebook!

Before I address the topic of post holiday coincidence and signs from above....I would like to address the Daily Dish. The Daily Dish for those of you who have not yet read other blog entries of mine (which should include everybody as I have yet to give the address out) is a commentary or admittedly a visceral reaction in some cases, to a current topic in the news, internet etc.

Apparently there is a lot of internet talk and controversy regarding the cryptic Posting of Bra Colors on Facebook, as a means to increase Breast Cancer awareness!

I had the urge to respond to this one, so please bear with me. I would not have chosen this topic for my first 2010 Daily Dish due to the appropriate absence of my usual sardonic and twisted tone, but as long as it made AOL news, it is an issue that has presented itself and will be addressed! Here is my response to the blog of conversation and the first DAILY DISH of the New Year.


My sister died last year. Amy was a beautiful, highly educated, accomplished and active woman who battled with BREAST CANCER and lost. I can tell you that I believe firmly that ANY awareness is appreciated. Perhaps bra colors seem trivial to many. However, when you have faced this disease as closely as my sister, parents, niece, brother -in-law and I have, I believe that many of you would appreciate the attention and thought that this BRA COLOR VENTURE may generate.

Particularly with young women, the thought of breast cancer is still most likely a remote thought at best. I feel that this focus on FACEBOOK and a constant reminder of the body that fills this colorful bra, may encourage many questions, conversations and enough controversy to increase awareness. It appears that it already has!

I must also comment on Lisa Takeuchi Cullen at TRUE/SLANT remarking on being 'vomitously sick' of a serious disease like Breast Cancer being trivialized by little pink ribbons and causes akin to this Bra Color rampage. While I appreciate that her outrage is well intended....her use of the expression above is more reminiscent of a reaction to Chemotherapy. I would suggest a different metaphor while addressing this topic. Contrary to her belief, the truth is that not everyone is aware of the risk of breast cancer as illustrated by the recent absurd and dangerous change by government to raise the mammogram age to 50!!

I would also like to note that every time I see a little pink ribbon, I know that someone cares enough to try to be aware and to let the world know it.

Thank you all out there for caring even if it includes a bit of intrigue, gossip and color......

P.S. BLACK, just for the record....

P.S.S. Perhaps it is no coincidence at all that I saw this on AOL news and commented. I believe now, in retrospect that it was time for me to address Breast Cancer awareness. I have avoided the topic as it was too close a reminder for me. I am now ready to talk. It is a New Year....the healing has begun to set in. Remember...there are no coincidences.....QUESTION THE COINCIDENCE!

Love and Light,

Buddish girl

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daily Dish...Michael Jackson to Michelangelo

I am bewildered by the American public!
I am trying to stay zen and a bit Buddish Girl (Buddha-ish) about this topic of the Michael Jackson 'OPUS' painting though I am finding it difficult!

Thank goodness that someone else recognizes this painting as a play on Michelangelo's 'David'.

I am amazed at the level of ignorance expressed in the commentary regarding this work. Have we actually arrived to the point where the public and press will determine that Old Master paintings and Renaissance works in the Louvre are considered lewd and pornographic?

Walk into a museum people....look at an Art History book for once in your lives!
CHERUBS EVERYWHERE and a favorite subject includes .....even JESUS in a loin cloth.

As for the continual commentary on the narcissism of Michael Jackson...yes he was self-important because, put quite simply, HE WAS IMPORTANT! He was a musical genius, a brilliant artist who lived and breathed his vision.
Great art is created by persons who have an unyielding focus and vision that cannot be compromised. There is not much room left beyond self and the expression that SELF creates.

I for one am extremely grateful for the creative gifts that we have been given due to the brilliance of these great visionaries throughout history.

Michael was tragically taken before his time but his extraordinary music, mind and immense heart shall live on for generations to come just as Michelangelo's sculpture of David still rests in Florence 500 years after its creation.

Love and Light Michael,

Buddish Girl

Monday, December 7, 2009

'The Northern Lights have seen queer sights' - Question the Coincidence....TEEPEES

from 'The Cremation of Sam Magee'-by Robert Service

I am a camp person. Camp people are a species unto themselves. We were the ones who were packed up and sent away for two months when young (6 years old off to Canada in my instance) and told to "enjoy the summer" by our mostly young parents. They did visit after one month however! This was a common practice when I was growing up in Michigan though perhaps it seems a bit unthinkable or dismissive by today's very protective parents.

After the initial shock that there was no way out of this, those of us that were camp people began to understand our incredible fortune and freedom in having been sentenced to a summer of sailing ,canoeing, waterskiing, windsurfing,campfires,horsebackriding and nighttime co-ed activities with peers, all to be enjoyed WITHOUT YOUR PARENTS AROUND!!!! It was hard not to fall in love with the summers at Camp Arowhon on TEEPEE Lake in Algonquin Park, Canada.

One of the most memorable and exquisite visual sites that can be recalled as a youth was sitting in a canoe in the middle of the night in August and seeing the NORTHERN LIGHTS (Aurora Borealus)Light up the sky over TEEPEE LAKE. Like a virtual explosion of color: pink, green, blues , yellows, purples lighting up the was magical and obviously memorable!

Now for the coincidence. Last evening, I was in one of those end of the year nostalgia modes. I was lamenting days and people gone by having just attended a Camp Arowhon reunion in Toronto, (for those of us who shared the summer experience on TEEPEE Lake in Algonquin Park, Canada) of persons that I have not seen in 20 or 30 years. A time for reflection of what am I doing? What must I do? What have I not accomplished in life (the list is soooooo long) and feeling like...IS ANYBODY UP THERE LISTENING? A little assistance please??

Anyways, I went to sleep troubled and when I awoke this morning, on my Blackberry was an email. This was from a real estate colleague, Not a camper, not a person who even knew about my Camp days. It read:
There followed photos of the gorgeous and explosive, extraordinary Northern Lights over literal TEEPEES,on a lake shot in Canada.

I question the coincidence and laughed about the literal TEEPEES. Someone up there was listening...I have a feeling that I know who it was as Amy and I went to Camp together! Thank you for the quick reply.

What a wonderful reminder that we can manifest what we ask for and how fortunate we are if we can conjure up spectacular shared memories. I will try to remember them with joy and wonder, not melancholy and nostalgia.

Love and Light,

Buddish Girl

p.s. I shall include photos of the NORTHERN LIGHTS as soon as I can find a more techno person to help.

p.s.s. I must address the Cremation of Sam Mcgee poem. It was first told to me by a wonderful man named Lou Handler and owner of Camp Tamakwa on South Tea Lake in Algonquin Park Canada. I was 6 years old at the time. It was in his cabin on the first night of Camp with Hot Chocolate in hand that this poem was recited to me. That night began a journey of the most defining and significant experiences of my youth that lasted until 21 years old at Camp and a relationship with Algonquin that continues today.

So I thank you Lou, although I had to leave Tamakwa and switch over to Arowhon on TEEPEE Lake at 10 years old, I have never forgotten you .... "And now may the great Camper of All great Campers be with us until we meet again". HOW-HOW

Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily Dish...Adam Lambert, Buddish Bomb!

FYI-The Daily Dish is simply a commentary on daily news, entertainment... etc.


What was that??? What were you thinking?

IT WAS JUST a CONFUSED PERFORMANCE!! A 1930's Berlin Cabaret meets S&M POP??? We get it, you want to be a bad boy. How about just BAD! Keep that one in Las Vegas.

Some statements are best not made.

I am not even talking about appropriate for Prime Time or not, I think that we crossed WAY over that border as far as network heads are concerned.

It was hard to hear your voice through the bomb dropping in my head....I bet the 'Idol' Worshipper's are sorry now.

A voice like an Angel; A performance from Hell?
You have gone to the 'Dark Side' Adam...come back to the light!

But as always, we must look at the big picture....

Thankfully, you have a brilliant voice, just change that tune and you will be heard again!

Buddish Girl

Werewolves of London...An Amy Moment! #2

NOVEMBER 23, 2009

I just pulled out my Ipod after two years of retirement. My sister Amy gave it to me as a birthday gift a few years ago. She had pre-programmed it with 500 songs as she knew that I never would (techno challenged)!

I charged it off of my computer (archaic I know), could not figure out any of the menus and started randomly pressing everything. A song finally came on..."WEREWOLVES of LONDON"!

Please refer to my last entry on New Moon to see the relevance. I am suspicious of coincidence, once again!

I sat down to write this and realized that it was the 23rd of the month!

Amy was born on March 23rd and died on July 23rd!
Of course she wanted to say hello.

Don't miss the little signs, question the coincidence....

Love and light,
Buddish Girl

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A boodyish girl thought on New Moon Madness...not very Buddish Girl.

This observation may seem like a bit of a departure for me but any topic on the fringe or beyond is worth noting. Though certainly not spiritual, more like anti-spiritual, Vampires do and have always had their allure, if only to find that you must avoid them at all costs! That goes for energy Vampires as well (the ones that suck the life force out of you and leave you listless and lifeless)!

I woke up late today after staying up to watch Tivo 30 Rock (god, I love that show) after the New Moon cast of Taylor, Kristen and Robbie were interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel. This was followed by Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe, on Oprah (more on that later).

I was shocked to find that the lovely Kristen actually does indeed have a personality! She seemed already dead to me and less lifeless, if that is possible, than any Vampire-ette in the first movie. In the interview however, she was very self posessed (as opposed to posessed in the film), she responded with witty retorts and was truly amusing to listen to! I realize now that she was truly acting in the film (newsflash Buddish girl, that is what actresses do)! I will readily admit when I have been unfair.

Robert, the handsome, sultry, brooding, I do not quite fit in anywhere (common teenage theme that apparently carries through to 109 year olds) Vampire hero displayed a wonderful and charming self-deprecating humour. Though he was startlingly pale (he must use some serious sunblock), I could definately understand following him into the Netherworld!

Taylor was pleasant with an easy smile and it appeared a talented pubescent break dancer (he reminded me a little of one of the Jonas' brothers).
The Focus seemed to be about his newly developed, remarkable chest as many were inclined to see him with his shirt off.

It appears that the shirt removal occurs as the transition to werewolf begins?

Well girls, let's face it, many men turn out to be werewolves at some moment or nice to be able to see the transition coming!!! Besides, I personally have always adored big shaggy dogs.....

We will have to go and see the film to know what all of that Buzz is about!

Do not forget the popcorn, plain M&M's and raisenettes!! I recently considered that the peanut M&M's, which have been a lifetime staple... may overpower the popcorn!

What do you think?

Try to avoid those with Fangs this weekend,

Buddish Girl

Thanksgiving is practically here and YOU are not!

November 21, 2009

Dear Amy,

I just opened up the fridge and my mind flashed to the day after Thanksgiving when we would always eat that incredible, cold Pecan Pie for breakfast!

Shit.....I just realized that you died, again.